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Studio Apartment


Planted on the terrace of a Service apartment is a studio for a young couple designed to suit the modern day lifestyle, strategically placed to provide relief from the bustling Indiranagar 100ft road in Bangalore. Well, a studio we call it, but can be transformed into a 2 bedroom unit with an open kitchen and a living area. This 1200 sqft apartment is a comfortable, livable space for the couple.

It was designed as a single volume which breaks off into specific functional spaces. The ease with which all the spaces can be used was pivotal to the concept.


The main roof form is a traditional gable roof.  The use of glass and metal beams gives the design a contemporary character. The extensive usage of glass provides the apartment with abundant natural light. Minimal or no artificial lighting is required in the day.

The unit overlooks a large terrace space that was specific to the brief.  A landscaped patio offers a serene transition space from the terrace into the house. The double height living room with a gable roof, spills into the bar area that continues into the bedroom space. The ‘front yard ‘is accessible from the bar through a sliding door and has a sit out.


The bedroom, living room and the bar flows into each other as one single space when the glass door is open. The sliding door separating the two spaces has glass inserts as it was designed to be a light element.  A canopy of trees at a distance provides a backdrop for the master bathroom and the walk-in-wardrobe. The skylight along the shower cubicle and careful use of rustic cement finish renders the space bright and one with nature. The bedroom spills out into its own terrace space, perfect for that morning cup of coffee.

A linear breakfast counter stands between the kitchen and the double height living room – an unconventional take on the dining table reflecting the informality of the space. Along the length of the living, a small metal stair leads to the mezzanine. The mezzanine serves as the guest room which is otherwise used as a study. It is enclosed by the gable roof that renders the space a certain attics feel. A smaller terrace is accessible through a glazed opening which lights up the space during the day.

The moldable spatial character of the space is the key to the versatility of its functions which in turn defines the form of the studio.

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