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O9 Solutions


The quality of work that comes out of an office is largely influenced by the way it’s planned and designed. The way it allows circulation is very important to the way it functions.

As in most young IT firms, this one required the design of its office to be free and open with a lot of natural light. They needed no private workspaces and cabins. The brief was only to provide meeting rooms and conference rooms with running, open workstations.

The design proposal included diagonally running workstations, 2 rows facing each other. This ensures maximum utilization of space while none is wasted in circulation. It also creates interesting vistas for the user and for the person viewing from outside.


The entrance to the office is also an open workstation. It was highlighted in the brief that the admin space should also double up as workspace. The meeting rooms at the far end of the office have glass partitions as it needed to be visually included in the goings on of the office. However, the usage of glass ensured that the room is sound proof and its privacy was not compromised.


The glass wall on one side of the office offers great view to the garden outside. The long wall facing the glazing has been used to provide white boards and pin-up boards. It has been composed to form a pattern that serves well, its visual as well as functional purpose.

Detailing in the furniture designs has been meticulously planned to render regular and economical designs with simple sophistication. Textural differences in the flooring, wall and laminate finishes as well as the splashes of color have been used to create a fun space where work doesn’t get mundane.

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