Concept Description

The openness of this terrace restaurant is accentuated by the raised mezzanine floor with its beautiful panoramic view. With sustainability and a tight budget in mind, Sway was designed with reusable, repurposed furniture and other building materials. The restaurant sits on the terrace of a 3 storied building and has a fantastic view of the neighborhood all around. To further the idea of utilizing the surrounding views, filled with copious green, the sloped roof of the restaurant was lifted up higher to fit a mezzanine seating space. The 2 sides at the 2 ends of the roof were cladded with reclaimed acrylic sheets to allow light to pass and control strong breeze. These 2 sides that face the surrounding trees make for a great experience to dine in. Brick and cement walls have been left in its natural state that texturally looks great and economical to maintain.


Project Specifications

Type: Commercial
Location: HRBR Layout, Bangalore
Project year: 2015
Area: 3000 sqft