Concept Description

Planted on the terrace of a service apartment is a studio for a young couple designed to suit the modern day lifestyle, strategically placed to provide relief from the bustling city center. The Studio Apartment is a haven that one finds, for much needed respite from the surrounding crowded streets. Nestled on the roof of the structure, the apartment was designed to occupy only part of the terrace space. This resulted in a large gathering space in front overlooking the access road and compact living quarters for the residents. It is anything but just a living quarters, the space contains a Living, Bar, Kitchen, bedroom with bathroom and a small open guest area on the mezzanine floor. The structure was designed to be a simple gable roof with glass inserts. The gable roof helped in achieving a double ht space for the Living and accommodated the mezzanine floor.The bedroom is separated from the main Living area through a collapsible/ sliding wall of wooden doors. The entire studio is one open plan with very minimal internal walls separating them.


Project Specifications

Studio Apartment in Indiranagar
Type: Residential
Location: Indiranagar, Bangalore
Project year: 2013
Area: 1200 sqft