Concept Description

An open office space with a fun quotient factored in the plan for mundane workday blues. This IT solutions office & brief for their new office design was to take the seriousness that is required in their work; out from the space they used every day. This resulted in an open plan, fun office that had no designated cubicle for any employee. The office occupied a corner of a large IT park building. It had a great view to the garden outside. The workspace tables were angled to the rectangular space to allow views of the garden from almost every workstation spot. Colorful pin boards along the length of the rectangle and a splash on the tables offsets the greyer tones of the design. The open plan meant that sound would travel through the entire office. To avoid this the ceiling was clad with coir boards that absorbed sound and provided a great textural feel.Some structural components of the building were exposed and not hidden away to celebrate the beauty of metal structures of the building.


Project Specifications

O9 Solutions
Type: Commercial
Location: Bellandur Ring Road, Bangalore
Project year: 2013
Area: 3300 sqft