Concept Description

The reception, as the first impression of the brand, needed to be contemporary and in tune with modern concepts. The use of wood and corian for the table and the wall ensured textural play with minimalist aesthetics. The Conference room table was designed to have custom copper inlay work that sits flush with the Corian tabletop. The wallpaper work is an in house custom design along with the wall paneling behind the TV. All wallpaper designs and glass sticker designs throughout the office have been custom printed. The entire office furniture has been custom designed by Ink Architecture and executed by Blink. The use of corkboard paneling on the walls helps create a visual texture whilst also providing excellent sound insulation. The furniture in the Cabins was designed to be flexible rather than the conventional desk seating. A fair bit of up-cycling was also done for some of the furniture and glass partitions. Storage units that were earlier in the reception were reused in the admin space. The workspace area was given a wow factor by replacing the flat ceiling with a unique light installation. The installation created a central space that emphasized the importance of the Naspers team that works hard to make the brand what it is.


Project Specifications

Office Interior redesign in Ulsoor
Type: Commercial
Location: Ulsoor, Bangalore
Project year: 2019
Area: 1750 sqft