The concept of a co- working community calls for a successful coming together of varied work cultures and technologies. With DD, the exploration into these different work cultures and providing the appropriate interior aesthetic and space setting was an interesting one. The textures concocted by the usage of different building materials enabled the interior spaces to connect intimately with the people using it. Colored walls among the many cement finishes were introduced to create a refreshing array of alluring aesthetics. Upcycling being an imperative need of the hour, the railing grills and many other building entities were refurbished and reused. The cafe on the top floor carries through the theme of the building and continues to offer spaces of work and leisure at the same time. External cladding tiles were used to block out the harsh Southern Sun. It also added to the visual textural complexity to make the facade stand apart amongst its neighbors.


Project Specifications

Dongle Desk
Type: Commercial
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka
Project year: 2020
Area: 4500 sqft